Palatial House of the Conde del Aguila

Gothic-Mudejar - Fifteenth century. This ancestral house is considered a jewel of the fifteenth century for its mixture of late Gothic with Mudejar style. On the frame of the old door you can observe a French styled shield with the symbol of Fernández de Espinosa, governor and predecessor of a count named Conde del Águila. The house’s stone façade has a lintel door framed by an alfiz (rectangular molding). In the second section of the house, a delicate mullioned window is seen, with an alfiz and two spires columns, flanked by moldings with chains on which two heralds look towards the former Puerta de Jerez, Jerez Gate. In 1852, the street was lowered, leaving the façade elevated.

Address: 1 Cuesta de Belén Street.

Free, only façade