San Miguel Bridge


The current Bridge of San Miguel, or Iron Bridge, was opened on October 14th 1920, when Juan José Velázquez-Gaztelu was Mayor of the town. Cardinal Enrique Almaraz from Seville presided over the ceremony, and accompanied the municipal commission to Madrid to claim an award for the work at a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Development. Prior to the construction of the iron bridge, there were many projects that tried to figure out how to cross the Guadalete River. Previous bridges were wooden and succumbed to the many river floods; the resolution was to use barges to cross the river. In the seventeenth century, the first bridge of quarry stone was built, but it had many problems and the inauguration of the renowned stone bridge was not until 1868, although it would be destroyed years later (1917) by a flood. From then on, the procedures began for the construction of the current bridge, and it was finished in the first decade of the twentieth century.

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