Sierra de Aznar Roman Site



Southwest from Arcos de la Frontera, we find one of the largest Roman towns in Sierra de Cádiz. It is located in Sierra de Aznar or, more specifically, in the Cerro del Moro. Sierra de Aznar Roman site hid a great treasure inside: WATER.

We must track Hispano-Roman world to perceive the identity of this magnificent town. Its name is still unknown; its chronology goes from the II Century b.C. to the IV Century a.C. After that, the site would be occupied by the Almohad people in the XII and XIII Centuries.

 Among the appearing remains, it stands out a complex hydraulic system with the Latin name "Castellum Aquae", buildings which purpose was the collecting (caput aquae), cleaning (piscinae limariae), and water transport. All these buildings were surrounded by great walls.

This Roman site is located in the rural neighborhood of la Perdiz.

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