The House of the Paletos

This property located on Alameda Street, remembered by the citizen of Arcos as the home of the Paletos, is owned by the city since 1977, but it has been inhabited by many people since its construction.

During the 17TH century, it was owned by Juan de Andino and Gamaza, which opened its doors as oil mill. Two centuries later, it was the Posada del Pilar, property of the marriage of D. Cristóbal Collante and Doña Nicolasa de Vera.

Family Luna, comprising the brothers D. Manuel and D. Ricardo, transformed the Inn into a flour factory and bought the adjacent mill to convert it into housing.

On the death of Carlos Luna, the Treasury took over the capital deposited in Banco Hispano Americano and granted to the municipality of Arcos de la Frontera portion which, under agreement of July 7, 1977, bought the rest of the property with the intention of restoring it.

This picturesque House, so well known in the city, has been restored in the years 2014-2015

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