Cabildo Square

The French army, before leaving in 1812, dismantled the square almost completely, and buildings like the Palace House of Gamaza (which occupied the site where today the Parador stands), the House of the Scribes, as well as the framed structure, all disappeared. In 1838, the structure of a new square was ordered; the works concluding in 1847.

A good part of Arcos history happened in this square where soldiers and horseman trained, the noble people played, bulls were fought, autos sacramentales were celebrated, there where mornings markets,  festivals in the honor of the patron saint, etc. From 1608, there starts the civil life in the square and, around it, houses start being built.


Plazuela de Boticas

In this Square is located the unfinished Jesuits' Church which  began to be built in 1759, though eight years later the Jesuits were expelled and could not finish it

La plaza del Cananeo

In Cananeo Square, the Autos Sacramentales (religious drama) were represented. There is a house in this square crowned by a Malta Cross. This little square still keep the style of the old Arcos.