Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of Arcos, are the viewpoints. Strategic locations situated to enjoy views of this village bread color (as the poet would say) hung on the back of a robust peak, or viewpoints built in the old town where you can stay out of breath to see the beauty that surrounds us.


Peña Nueva from Los Cabezuelos, Peña Nueva from La Huerta, Peña Nueva from Mirador P. Blancos (from the road of Junta de los Ríos) - Peña Nueva from the road of Junta de los Ríos, Peña Nueva from the road of Algar, Peña Nueva-Vieja from the road of El Romeral, Peña Vieja from the road of El Bosque, Peña Vieja from El Santiscal, Peña Vieja from La Presa del río, Peña Vieja from Camino de las Nieves


Plaza del Cabildo

From this space, besides contemplating the imposing architecture of the Basilica and the Plaza del Cabildo, we can admire the Guadalete river valley with its orchards and farmlands, as well as the Sierra de Dos Hermanas, the Sierra de la Sal and enclaves such as Medina Sidonia.



From here we can contemplate the flow of the river Guadalete through one of the most significant urban zones, which includes the Lower Town or the area known as ‘María Auxiliadora’, and its imposing Iron Bridge called San Miguel.


San Agustín

Its high altitude allows contemplation of one of the meanders of the Guadalete river and the mountains of Barranco and Bornos. From here we can also see the walled part of the city (San Antón Tower), La Angostura, the Arcos dam and even the town of Villamartin.


Old Cliff

Its location, below the viewpoint of San Agustín Church, affords a good look at the typical constructions of Arcos de la Frontera and its special adaptation to the topographical features of the enclave, which form a labyrinth of steep streets with outstanding examples of architecture like the churches of San Pedro, San Agustín, Santa María, and the castle.