Room of the Miller's wife and the Mayor

This is a legend originating in Arcos de la Frontera and which survives through the centuries.

It's the story of a magistrate (provincial Governor) or another powerful character who seduces or taken by force to a young and beautiful peasant (or Miller's wife).The story has appeared frequently in the classical theater and was often presented as an example of frequent abuses that the nobles exercised over the people.

This or perhaps another similar argument romance, originated in the 19th century to the funny novel " El Sombrero de Tres Picos" of the realistic writer Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. Somewhat later, in the 20th century, originated the famous ballet of the same name composed by the great musician Manuel de Falla: "El Sombrero deTres Picos (ballet) and the play La Molinera de Arcos by Alejandro Casona.

Currently, in the Palace of the Mayorazgo, two rooms are dedicated to this international romance originated in our city, where the original costumes for the film and part of the props are preserved.

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