The site of the poet

Names like Antonio and Carlos Murciano, brothers Jose and Jesús de las Cuevas, Antonio Hernández, Julio Mariscal, Pedro Sevilla, Pepa Caro, Cristóbal Romero, Antonio Luis Baena and a long etcetera, have here their space, showing from manuscripts up to any machine typewriter and other elements linked to the work and life of the most distinguished writers of the town.

From Diego Ximenez de Ayllón in 1530 to Jorge de Arcos, the current youngest writer, are present in this place all the poets and local writers. Some of them, such as Carlos Murciano and Antonio Hernández, are national awards for literature.

In this place are also exposed old means of writing and printing, objects and scripts, donated by own writers and others as museum pieces: old machines for the printing of the Caro brothers.

In the Site of the Poets, there is also a specific panel of writers and national poets who have mentioned the beauty of Arcos de la Frontera in their work.

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