Arcos de la Frontera holds a prominent place within the craftwork sector in Cádiz province as for its number of workshops as for volume of production. Arcos is a town where traditional crafts are reaching a great level of development and growth to the market.

Among the different craftwork products, we can mention the following ones:

– Ceramics

There are little potter’s workshops where they make ceramics in different styles from the most traditional ones to the most innovative ones.

– Forges

The forges in Arcos keep their tradition of several centuries working in wrought iron. This element is both traditional and essential in Andalusian architecture.

– Esparto grass

This kind of craftwork has esparto grass and palm tree leaves as raw materials. Tradition and patience make possible an old knitting finishing in rush mats, redores, baskets, decorative objects, serones…

There are some traditional craftworks in Arcos usually requested by visitors which are the framed miniatures of farming implements or the typical pastry from Arcos and others products related to the rich gastronomy of Arcos and wines from the land.


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