Ducal Castle

This building has a quadrangular floor and comprises four crenellated towers on the corners. It was a military fortress during the Muslim period; however, the current castle was renovated in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. According to existing documents, the primitive fortress preserves a large horseshoe arch at the old western entrance and a stretch of wall in the southwest. Dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries are its Tower of the Secret, Eastern Walled Passage, southern Flanking Towers, Great Water Well of the Courtyard of Weapons, and Pyramid Turrets. Currently it is accessed under the arch where the Town Hall oratory was situated. Crowning the façade, we find the shield of the Dukes of Arcos. Currently the castle is in private hands.

OPENING HOURS: 4 days a year.

Information: Telf.: 956 70 22 64 / turismo@arcosdelafrontera.es (Tourist Office)

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